Royal & The Serpent


royal & the Serpent


Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, 'ROYAL' creates an atmosphere of palpable lust and tension with her audacious lyrics and magnetic personality. Her hypnotic melodies captivate, while her sweet & unique sound leaves you craving more. Accompanied by her current "Serpent" - Tyler Wallake & Robby Creasey - the trio's stage chemistry is electric. 

Royal & the Serpent's music can be categorized as "Indie-Blues/Electro-Pop" - heavily influenced by some of her favorite female vocalists of all time: Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Stevie Nicks, Zella Day, & Lauren Ruth Ward. Unpredictable, unapologetic, and totally unhinged - Royal's crazed yet profound nature makes for music that is addictively relatable.   






[Photos by Conner Sorensen]